Produces Voltage Phase Balance on Rotary Converter Systems
Provides +/- 5% voltage stabilization

Ideally suited for CNC and other voltage-sensitive equipment

230V and 460V models
For 60Hz and 50Hz use
Unit of Measure

N/A For use with Rotary Converter for 3-phase electronic equipment such as CNC/PLC machines, AC/DC drives, and all voltage-sensitive equipment. Provides +/- 5% voltage stabilization.

The normal operating voltage of the Rotary Phase Converter is 208-230VAC on the 230V "R" series Rotary Converter, and 460VAC on the 460V "RH" series Rotary Converter. The generated phase output voltage of the Rotary Phase Converter is normally higher than the input voltage under no load and light load conditions. In applications with high single-phase voltage (greater than 230V on the 230V "R" series, and greater than 460V on the 460V "RH" series), the no load or light load output voltage may be excessive. Some CNC/PLC equipment will not work properly at the higher output voltage.

The Phase-A-Maticâ„¢ Voltage Stabilizer is designed to reduce this higher voltage to nearer the input voltage. It will also keep the output voltage stable during peak loads, thus helping CNC/PLC equipment and other voltage-sensitive equipment to operate properly.

Running very small motors alone on a Rotary Converter that is 3 times larger (or more) may not reduce the output voltage sufficiently, in which case the smaller motor may run hot. For these cases, to reduce cost it may be possible to use a dedicated Voltage Stabilizer sized to the requirements of the problem motor or load only. Consult factory.

Supplied in a NEMA type 1 enclosure with various sizes of knockouts.

Intended for indoor use only in dry locations, but can be placed in a rain tight enclosure for use in wet or damp locations.

Select a Voltage Stabilizer at least as large as the load it will operate. It does not have to be as large as the Rotary Phase Converter being used.


Voltage Stabilizer Installation Diagram

230V Voltage Stabilizer is 230V single-phase in and 230V three-phase out.
460V Voltage Stabilizer is 460V single-phase in and 460V three-phase out.

  • Intended for indoor use only, in dry locations, but can be placed in a rain-tight enclosure with ventilation for use in wet or damp locations. Always use T-1 and T-2 to operate magnetic controls.
  • Also see Rotary Converter Installation Instructions for the Rotary Converter, or download the Rotary Converter and Voltage Stabilizer PDF brochure.